Country sounds

Sounds of the countryside

Log houses, high hills, rich verdure, poultry, wild birds, dogs, cows, horses...

There is no Internet, and cars are rare visitors here. Lack of civilization.

BUT! All day long you can run barefoot on grass, swim in the river or lake, inhale fresh air, and admire all these beauty.

If you live in the city, you should know that any resort can give you more impressions, energy and good mood than a week in the countryside. Only here you can relax mentally and physically.

Hear now
  • Singing wild and domestic birds
  • Animals - cows, horses and dogs
  • Sounds of the axe and the well

Sounds of the meadow

A meadow is a place where grow different kinds of flowers and plants: oregano, mint, plantains, cornflowers, clover, dandelions, chamomiles and dozens of other kinds.

Here you can see butterflies and bees flying from one flower to another.

They gather pollen to make honey - the most healthy and delicious product.

All these flowers and plants create ineffable fragrance, and flying insects and meadow animals produce listenable sounds of nature, meadow sounds.

Hear now
  • Singing wild and domestic birds
  • Animals - cows
  • Grasshopers, bees and other insects

Sounds of the Lakeshore holiday

A marvelous evening on the lakeshore... We sit on the porch watching how the sun eventually hides its brilliance beneath the horizon and throws its golden rays on the mirror of the lake as a last goodbye. We drink herbal tea with honey, chat about unimportant things, and while we enjoy this beautiful moment, the sounds of evening birds wrap us with their delicate sound cloth.

Their songs are fascinating, but no one can overshadow nightingales and their ethereal warbling.

Hear now
  • Singing nightingales
  • Frogs
  • Crickets