Lakeshore holiday: nightingales, frogs, and crickets

Two our listeners, Eleonora and Helen, suggested us create a new sound atmosphere where the nightingale singing would play the key role. Thank you very much for your brilliant idea!

When I read their letters, I started thinking at once where I could listen to the singing of this bird. Bingo! Once at the beginning of this summer, I happened to stay in a cottage. It`s situated in a very picturesque place – a lake on the one side, a forest on the other.

A marvelous evening on the lakeshore… We sit on the porch watching how the sun eventually hides its brilliance beneath the horizon and throws its golden rays on the mirror of the lake as a last goodbye. We drink herbal tea with honey, chat about unimportant things, and while we enjoy this beautiful moment, the sounds of evening birds wrap us with their delicate sound cloth. Their songs are fascinating, but no one can overshadow nightingales and their ethereal warbling.

We tried to recreate this cosy and pleasant recollection in this sound atmosphere.

You can adjust nightingale sounds, frog croaking, and cricket chirr making them optimal for your perception. You can also turn on the atmosphere of the night forest and the sounds of the bonfire and listen these 3 atmospheres at once. Believe us, it will be an unforgettable experience!

We hope that you will like these evening nightingale warbles. Leave your comments and send us your ideas for our new sound atmospheres.

Settings of the meadow sounds

Enjoy the sounds of Lakeshore! You can get them into your pocket!


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